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  1. I just uploaded the new version and the source code, it's in the first post. Sorry for not commenting it, but it should be easy to understand anyways.
  2. I will the add check box and then release the source code
  3. As i can see, the texture effect is exactly the opposite of this one. "Apply Texture" adds another texture (meaning: Like in 3D-Software) to objects and saves the brightness, "Texture effect" only adds the brightness of the texture (meaning: Watermark).
  4. This Plugin applies a texture to any selected object with saving the brightness, so the object looks like it originally had this color. It's easy: You just have to select the object and the new texture. Newest release (17.02.2012): Apply Texture.zip Examples: Before After Click to enlarge
  5. This list is awesome, it needs a search function. Btw: could you add
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