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  1. Hi Red ochre, I did not use the Object2colour option/menu but the menu "Color > Recolour choice". May be the "color detection method" combo-box is bad configured (several option between H S & V, B G & R, euclidien method, etc. ). I've just tried the Object2Colour menu, as you mentionned, and it's absolutly perfect. I can do the exact thing I want with the quality wanted. Thank you very much. Happy new year, too (Bonne année aussi).
  2. Hi, Thank you all. Your plug-in, Red ochre, works good but the result looks like to "strong" and not enouth "smoothed" (french mother tongue, I dont know the best word) but the final result is not too bad. However the menu Adjustment > Black and White followeb by Adjustment > Brithness / Contrast, as suggested by BoltBaint and Pdnnoob, give a perfect result. Hovewer this result work fine only with White. Is there any way to get this perfect result with an othor color ? Green, Red, etc. ???
  3. Hi, I read the Rules and the FAQs. I can't find any way to do what I'm trying for hours or days. I have a very basic image in PNG format. This image includes only one Layer with the following options : Visible -> OK, Fusion Mode -> Normal, Opacity: 255. Onto this Layer, I just have a very basic word in blue color with an opacity = 255 mean 100% transparent. I would like a new image with the exact same word, with the exact same size, font, font-size, ajust, etc. but with an other color (color white, because I'll put this image in an dark background html page). So, using the pencil or/and the pen, and or the brush, (all configured with the expected/wanted white color), I tried to color the text in white. Pixel by pixel, or zone by zone. But unfortunatly, this is not easy and the result is not the best (terrible). I also tried the Menu "Adjustment" -> Invert Color and it worked good... but with an unwanted color (something like orange). Throuth this process menu "Invert Color", is there any way to choose the wanted color ? Or, is there any other way to get the wanted result ? Thx.