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sticky notes

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would it be possible to comment on a pdn file using sticky notes as in adobe comments?

could we add:

- subject

- comment

- add a picture to this note (converted to low resoltion) to show what we are talking about in the comment

- specify the color of th note

- auto-popup note on hover


i want to walk around on site

- detect a problem

- make a sticky note on the drawing for exact location of the issue

- make the comment

- import a picture from webcam that is glued to my tablet


- export the sticky notes to a seperate file with an extra field action or status

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This one is interesting, but I don't think that it would be the most priority one...

It would help a lot on explaining what we do to make the pics and to remember what we do :D

Another idea would be to have an option to automatically add descriptions of the setting used on effects, and adjustments, and strings like 'rectangle drawn at whatever coordinates'

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Wouldn't that be on the .pdn file?

That is what I meant. IMHO this would be useful for PDN file sharing as each image could be documented about how they achieved the effect - not just small amounts of text on specific parts of the image - but also one piece of text to go with the image - intended to be much longer than one note.

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I think Rick is focussing on PDN 4.0 and does not plan to include such rather advanced or even unique features at the moment.

For this reason I would recommend that somebody just creates a new filetype plugin. I don't know if the "current" PDN file format is included in the source code, but it might be a good way to start. Then maybe it could be XML based, like the Office 07 file format or XPS, a kind of ZIP containing the image itself and other components like attachments. I'm a noop, and that are just ideas. But metadata would be no mistake, like licencse, copyright, author, version etc.

Also, a special new file format would not show any previews in explorer. But a .PDNA format (Paint.NET Advanced file format) would be really nice. Additional features could include embedable ICC profiles to maintain colors on different systems (important for sharing) and maybe an enhanced compression.

But now it really becomes Star Trek. :)

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