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MODERATORS NOTE:  this plugin has been superseded by a newer version:



This is a simple plugin made in Code Lab. It's made to be used along side the "Pixelate" effect: although it can be used by itself.

Recommended use(example):

1: Apply Pixelate at any setting that can be divided by 3: like 3,6,9,12,15... and so

2: Apply ScreenPixel at 1/3 the value you applied Pixelate at and you're done. ScreenPixel will break each block into thirds for each RGB value.

If used in this way it will have the intended effect; however you may find it useful by itself.

Examples of Screenpixel:





Another example can be found as the 5th image here at my "gallery": viewtopic.php?f=26&t=23561

Maybe when I get some extra time, I'll make a plugin that can stand on its own.

I'm work on a very important simple displacement plugin on the side that will come first.

I'd also like to thank MadJik for all the programing help and time, when displacement is finished will not have happened without Madjik.



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Thanks. I also want to show an example where it can make a fun green screen effect when you play with the curves. Just like all those awesome 80s action films..... Snake!!!!!


hmmm...looks a bit like the matrix!


My name's The Flamer, but you can call me The Flamer for short

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Hey there,

ScreenPixel doesn't seem to work properly for me.

Take a look at the attachment. The hues are all mixed up!

I'm using Paint.NET 3.35 on Windows XP Pro SP2, AMD Athlon 1.2GHz. It does this regardless of whether I've Pixellated it first.

Any ideas on why this could be happening? Thanks in advance =)

EDIT: Disregarding the strange hue mixups, this plugin is pretty cool. I've used it in my avatar/sig, using Bliss.bmp as the original image (you can't tell, can you :P).


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Although the screen-shot you included is a little small for me to tell what's going on, the plugin seems to be working fine.

1. Issue one here may come from the fact that in traditional color theory (YRB), green and red... they aren't friends, simply speaking. If you were to print you'd be able to see this better.

2. LINES!!! Each pixel is split into three lines. The issue is that they are always it the same in the same order and the lines visually distract the eye from the whole image.

The plugin is splitting the the RGB values and it seems to be doing that well. I should make it mix up the color order. The blue lines are bright in the sky. The the green is bright in the grass(though it does seem a little dark). The red is bright in the grass because there is plenty of yellow which is a mix of red and green and all the lines are bright where there is white.

Edit: You can adjust the color your self. I highly recommend the color mix plugin by Tanel.


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