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jpeg an color profiles

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a question from someone new to paint.net:

I get the pictures from my eos450D via the canon software in RAW. If iI then convert the picture to jpeg, I set the option "include icc profile". The reason I do this, is because I have a huey that calibrates my screen.

now the question:

if i open the jpeg with embedded icc profile in paint.net, edit the image and save it again as jpeg, will the icc profile still be present and correct?

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I don't know much about icc profiles, but from what i found out i believe that this wouldn't be affected since it's related to the levels output of the image to the screen, depending on each screen, but hey i might be wrong :D from what i know pdn alters the metadata, erases it that's more what it does...

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Do you mean the EXIF data? If so, then I think yes as I think the Bitmap object stores EXIF data.

No, what he means is not EXIF. EXIF is stuff like "Date taken" and so on. JPEG allows to embed ICC profiles, which are not metadata but used to maintain the colors of the picture.

See Wikipedia:

Many JPEG files embed an ICC color profile (color space). Commonly used color profiles include sRGB and Adobe RGB. Because these color spaces use a non-linear transformation, the dynamic range of an 8-bit JPEG file is about 11 stops.

However, a large number of applications are not able to deal with JPEG color profiles. (eg: all web browser excluding Apple Safari, The GIMP)

Indeed GIMP does handle the ICCs properly, while Paint.NET doesn't - as far as I know.

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For jpg often the good old sRGB profile (most common standard) is better because most webbrowsers don't understand the color managment.

Support for .tiff images (core or plugin) with advanced ICC profile such as AdobeRGB1998 (more colors for other media) or ProPhoto (even more, it really makes visible sense even on the computer) as they are got from CaptureOne really would be useful, also because irfanview can read them correctly now and show the image appropriately on the PC. I understand it's not possible till tomorrow but please keep it in mind. :wink: old thread, but still better than a new one.

Today paint.net can read those .tiff files out of CaptureOne with large ICC profile color spaces, but the colors are shown wrongly, with much too less saturation. The advanced ICC profiles are becoming popular among amateurs as me and it's one of the few things which Photoshop still can do better.

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