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I need more help painting a car.

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(*swaps keyboard with person next to him*)

Ok so like I am really frustrated. I have spent all day looking at tuts for painting a car in paint.NET. None of them work. I have tried them all. Is it my software? Do I just suck that bad? (don't answer that one)

Can someone please show me the easiest way to paint a car?



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I fixed your title. Let's keep it nice, OK?

One way to paint a car is to take the car image and desaturate it. (That is, turn it black and white.) Then create a layer on top of the (now) black and white car. Using the paint brush, paint over where the car is. Then, finally, change the blending mode of the layer for desired results.

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The other way would be to simply download and install the plugin called "Conditional Hue and Saturation". This is very helpful in recoloring just about anything (that isn't very close to black or white).

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You can use Hue/Saturation that comes in PdN. I have downloaded the "Conditional H/S" but I haven't played around with it yet. So I'll just show you how I did it the regular way.

This is quick and dirty, you will have to take more time with the selection process.

First - original pic. You can see the VERY loose selection includes parts you wouldn't normally want effected by a color change. This is just to show you how.


Go to, "adjustments -hue and saturation" and move sliders

1st color change - Blue Camaro


2nd color change - Red Camaro


3rd color change - Gold Camaro - done with no selection at all. Notice it changes the sky and other things as there is no selection.


All of this was done in about 15 mins including the upload and pasting. So I have no doubt that if you spend a decent amount of time and care on the selection you can get a very good color change on your car.

Now, if you're talking about coloring your car from nothing, as in a blank outline, then you'll have to do it just like you would paint a picture. Add color of your choice, add highlights, reflection, shading, etc. there is no "magic" button that will do all that for you. You have to have something to start with and manipulate from there.

Hope this helps a little.

EDIT: Photo source = Serious wheels dot com

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That is far easier. I have tried that method before though. No matter how much i move the slider, nothing happens.

And my Paint.NET looks nothing like that. I love ur windows. They look so much more clean.

So like what am i doing wrong. like i select an are and play with the sliders, yet it stays same color.

Please help guys. sorry for being such a pain in the behind.

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