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Before I download, can Paint. do these things?

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I need a photo program that can

1. do the magic wand easily, and replace with a solid background color,

2. make photos appear side by side easily and can be saved as one picture,

3. resize photos,

4. crop photos.

I'm currently using ms paint, google's picasa and was using arcsoft for the magic wand. i'd love to find a program that can do all of these things, and if this one is not it, is there one you can recommend? free or not. i'm also looking for easy! i've tried gimp and i uninstalled it because it was way too hard and the help didn't install right! thanks in advance!!!!!

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Moreover, easily.

v An excellent open–source strategy game—highly recommended.


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Paint.NET is light years ahead of ms paint.

The user interface is much easier then GIMP.

AND it is free. (With a donate button. :wink: )

So no harm done in trying it out.

And if you dare to venture into the plug in forum, you get a very powerful addition to the program.

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