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  1. Thanks, I have been using photoshop for airbrusing for a long time, nice to know that I can now do it in Paint.net
  2. We've seen it all before. Locked. Nah only jokin Nice tutorial
  3. I have been using PDN quite a while and I have always thought about this aswell
  4. Yeah. I don't mean to put you down or anything but maybe you should look before posting here.
  5. I think David is right. I don't really get fully what you mean though.
  6. Yes Leif is right. It is very powerfull software, in my opinion much better than Adobe Photoshop. I would reccommend paying a visit to the plugins page. And then try out some tutorials. If you dont like it you can just un-install.
  7. Use the rectangle select tool to select the part of the image you want to keep. Go to Image>Crop to selection. A bit of advice: Maybe you should play around with PND, ya know, experiment a bit.