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Printing - doesn't work, even a little bit

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I know you say printing is a non-eta + probably won't do, but it bit me again today.

The component used (and in image/fax viewer) can't really handle any images that aren't somehow perfect. I have a simple almost square image, 271x258. There is no combination of settings I can use to get it to print out acceptably, and in fact each and every one of them crops or does something else undesirable.

So far I have yet to be able to get paint.net to print anything, really, that wasn't already in the proper aspect ration and huge. e.g a digital photo.

So, i know it's not high up on the list but perhaps there is a different component out there that is available that could be used? Maybe talk to the XnView guys, since that is what I use for simple printing now. Not super duper, but works well enough for printing buttons, cartoons, little signs, and the rest of the basics. And yes, I would use pshop for something super important, not that they will buy it for me here at work!

Thanks for all the hard work,


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It has a bad interface that won't let you print the image as is, oh no, that's obviously too difficult for it. Instead it forces you to resize the images to one of the presets.

Of course I don't think Rick made it, its something that comes with Windows and unfortunately sucks.

"By trying to reinvent the wheel every time we find very often with square wheels" ...X-blaster

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