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(for mod's) question regarding plug-ins


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what if i dont have the programfiles/effects on my programs i only have the paint.netuserfiles how do i save it then...??thanks for the response in advance

i followed the said instruction in the how to install plug-ins but when itry to save it i cant find the paint.net/effects folder..i only have the paint.netuserfiles folder.



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Hello, maueey. If you used the standard installation, your effects folder will be located at C:\Program Files\Paint.NET\Effects. If you installed it in a different place and can't remember where, a search should reveal its location. If none of this works, I'm sorry, I cannot help you, other than advise you to reinstall.

Good luck.

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The "Paint.NET User Files" folder is in your "My Documents" area on your computer.

To get to Program Files, you have to go up a few levels to "My Computer" ("Computer" if you're using Vista), then into "Local Disk (C:)" (the default install drive), then into "Program Files", and into the folder "Paint.NET". In that folder, you'll find the "Effects" folder, which is where you'll need to drop the DLLs.

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I don't know why you addressed this "for mods". I really have no idea why you think this question requires us mods to answer it.

Also, this belongs over in troubleshooting.


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