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Well, if I understand you correctly, you have three options at your disposal:

1) the Magic Wand - quick and easy but very unprofessional for the purpose I'm guessing your going to be using your photographs for;

2) have a Search around to find a tutorial called 'Cutting Out Images the Easy Way!' as this will help you cut out your objects better than using the Magic Wand exclusively. This may result in aliased edges, so using the Anti-alias, Basic Anti-alias or Feather plugins* will help here;

3) use an alpha mask instead (plugin | tutorial) as this can give a far superior cut and make it look far more professional. The steps are virtually the same as the Cutting Out tutorial mentioned above, only with the addition of using a plugin at the end. This does depend on how well you create your mask in the first place, so I recommend you take your time.

Up to you which method you opt for, all three work, although one moreso than the others ;).

Does this help?

*not ordered by precedence, but rather alphabetically.

EDITED: added links, changed format, etc..

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