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How to Create This? (I don't know what should I call this)

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Hi! I have a problem. I want to create things like these (see below for a picture) and have searched a lot for its option in the menu and couldn't search for its tutorials as I don't know what this effect is called! But I love this effect and would like to know its name and its your wish if you would tell me how to do it (I would somehow figure it out how to do it). Here is a picture of the effect and if you know the font name, then kindly tell me that also (Please) I would like to know the background effect i.e. the blue and white effect:-


And this is also another one, I would love to figure it out, that how to do it, I would like to know the font in this one:-


Please do post a reply, the above images were found by me at a blog and at a forum respectively.

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Drop Shadow


The Puffel:

Stock Image, i think.

As for the text, it may be a type of text without an actual drop shadow. I have a couple similar fonts like that with a shadow built in. Similar in style to this one: http://www.dafont.com/monster-shadow.font

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