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Fusing pictures side by side

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Hi Id like to learn how to put two pictures side by side and create a mutual ground between them so it doesnt look like such a blunt transition. Here are two pics


Heres what I did so far, I resized them to match their height then i created a new doc that fits both their length. Copy and pasted them side by side. I thought I could use the blur tool but it did next to nothing in terms of helping the transition.

Please give me a step by step on how to make a nice blend in the middle. I would appreciate if you dont skip any obvious steps or terms since I have very little experience with Paint.net. Thanks for your help in advance!

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Take a look at this tutorial: viewtopic.php?f=15&t=2756

But instead of using the same image with different coloring, use two different ones.


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edit: gurrssin blur then...↓

motion blur at the place were they connect?

edit 2: heres the example from me .. its not so good but just wanted to show, is this what you mean ?

um, how do you do that? how do you select one section like that to blur it? i think i've tried to do something like that before, but it ends up selecting the entire picture, and therefore, makes the entire thing look blurry. :?

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Ok Salu I tried those two blurs and they definitely look better than what i had but there is still a blatant transition between the blurred and non blurred parts even in your image. Is there a tool or effect that I can use to gradually diminish this obviousness?

David I saw that tutorial before couldnt really follow it.

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