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  1. bc ur dog ate it why don't i have a picture under my name like everyone else??
  2. cuz u turned the power on why did my tv just change channels?
  3. don't worry, i've searched and i did not come up with anything NEARLY as close of an answer to my question as i wanted. so i am posting it here. this might be completely n00b of me to ask, but i was wondering if there was a way that you could erase numbers or letters in front of a pic that u want to use in a sig or something? for example, i want to use a personal pic that i uploaded onto my computer, but there is the date that is right on the part i want to use. how can i erase JUST the date w/o erasing the part of the pic that the date appears on top of??
  4. pff, NOT reading the rules. um... movies at home, or movies at theater?
  5. computer....u can watch tv on the computer. clinton or obama?
  6. i've always known xp. i've always had and worked on an xp computer. up until last year, tho, when i got my first vista laptop as a graduation present, i just loved it a lot. it was faster, better, and way more cooler looking. i can't be biased, since i know both xp and vista bc i've used them both. i like vista a lot better. vista is the wave of the future. all the computers in my university are vista. the only criticism i have of vista tho, is bc its still relatively new, it still has some bugs that need to be worked out. for example, on my laptop, if i wanna download something (it doesn't do this to everything tho), it'll forget that im the admin, and so it just won't let me do it. its a lil annoying, but im not complaining. once all the bugs are worked out, vista will rule over all the others. i still much prefer vista over xp. besides, the xp desktop is just way to damn slow compared to my vista laptop. the desktop is not even that old. we've had the desktop for nearly 2 yrs. and like i said, i got my laptop only a year ago..well, it'll be a year in june. all in all, vista rules.
  7. You know that you can set up your printer to be shared across a network? Even if it isnt a WiFi enabled printer? yes i know. and i've tried. but the printer we currently have is ancient old. its a compaq i think. i've already tried setting it up and its just not compatible. there's no usb thing either so i can't hook it up to my laptop. no worries, tho. *shrugs*
  8. original to me, since i've never seen that name before. meh, *shrugs* 10/10.
  9. swanton_babe bc im such a big fan of jeff hardy. i've actually used that username b4. but i like the one i have now.
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