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sketch skew gradients?

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sorry tried to make the title clear..

Any way, In MS paint when you make a gradient you create an image 100 pixels wide by how ever tall, then fill it and split it at the diagonal and color in the other half with another color. Heres my question, to make it like a gradient you go to sketch and skew and make it 1%, there fore it basically stretches it down to 1 pixel, then you scale it to 500% till you get the size, ive been teaming up with both programs to make gradients using the effects from PDN then pasting them into MS paint to make gradients, basically im looking for a sketch skew sort of menu in PDN, is ther one? ill post some images of wat im talking about.

Okay, so heres what i was talking about with MS paint,



Jazzed it up with the red






I want to be able to do something similar with PDN as the sketch skew, is there something?


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I'm not sure I understand the point of this. If what you're trying to do is make a multi-colored gradient, use my Gradient Mapping plugin.

IF the point is to make a standard 2-color gradient, just use the Gradient tool in PdN...

This seems like an awfully roundabout way to create a gradient.

If you absolutely must do it this way, then use the Image -> Resize tool. Uncheck the "Maintain Aspect ratio" checkbox, and set the width to 1. Make sure the Resampling option on top is set to Best Quality.


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aw, okay thanks pyro, my point was you can make like 100 color gradients with MS paint or make a design in it, but i wasnt sure how to do it with PDN, ill give the resize thing a try.

Heres a little more complex gradient done on MS paint



Thats wat i want to do.

Ill give it a shot


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