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Error code 1603

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Nope - already mentioned that I've tried all that already. I worked with this for 4 hours this morning.

.net FW doesn't need to be repaired - all Windows Live services running fine and they all require .net FW.

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Hey there all. I had this problem too, but I think I've got a way that might fix it. I'm by no means a computer expert, but I do know how to muscle my way around.

I am using V3.30 and a USBstorage disk for this fix.

-I saved PdN to the USB and extracted it to the USB as well.

-Go back to wherever you saved Paint.NET and open that folder

- Coppy PdNrepair.exe to your desktop. and then run the file.

-Open the Staging folder in Paint.NET on your flash drive and copy PaintDotNet_4745584.msi to your desktop.

-Double click the installer you just saved to your desktop and it should run through it's cycle.

PdN should open now, at least it did for me.

I know some of those steps were probably unnessicary, but I was going to try everything anyone had mentioned to fix it. I need my PdN!

I get so tired of people who's only answer to a problem is to referr someone to the "troubleshooting" thread, before they've even read or analyzed the problem the person is having.

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I'm glad you got it working. Oh, and if you had to deal with this conversation as much as we do, you'd understand:

"Paint.NET doesn't work!!!"

"Well, did you try this sticky'd post?"

"But Paint.NET doesn't work!!!!!"

"But have you tried it?"

"Ok, I'll do it...Oh, wow! It worked! Thanks!"


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My problem was solved.I don't know exactly how it was solved.But I thougth that the setup can't find the file that in the Paint.Net/Staging directory.The file called "PaintDotNet"+ and some random numbers and msi is the extension of it.If you saw a warning like "A network error occurred while attempting to read from the file: C:\\Staging\PaintDotNet_806950639.msi


* Change the name of file like what is writing on the warning.

I hope to not struggle again a problem like this.

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