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  1. Although this may seem petty i am working on something that needs to be precise and its irratating me. When i set it to a certain colour level and using a pencil draw down, i get the dropper tool, use it on what ive just drawn and the colour slides say its darker! Any help?
  2. Hang on a minute, the latest version is 3.22 not 3.10. I'm sorry if this doesn't help but at least use the latest version. It may save everyone's time in future. Sorry if I sounded a bit harsh I tried but i cant because it wants the v3.10 .msi file so it can uninstall the old part left on the laptop and put the new one on. Read through this: viewtopic.php?f=10&t=854 Read through it allready from another post, it doesnt help thanks.
  3. I installed Paint.NET v3.10 onto my memory stick so i could use it on differerent computers but when i lost it, i couldn't uninstall the part left behind on the computer, it wanted me to insert a disc or find an msi file. Can anyone help?
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