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Bug: Selecting Fixed Ratio 16:10 causes problem with Tools

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Problem: When using the Fixed Ratio selection tool of 16:10 to make a selection, all of the buttons in the floating Tools bar do not show the text when hovering the mouse above. The text does appear when hovering over the regular toolbar buttons. This only appears to affect the floating Tools buttons.

Reproducible: Always.

Step to reproduce:

- Square selection tool

- Select Fixed Ratio

- Width: 16 Height: 10

- Select any area of image

- Hover mouse over floating Tools buttons

I tried this with 4:3 which is default and it does not cause this problem.

FIX: To get the hover text back, you have to restart Paint.NET because closing the image or creating a new image does not bring the hover text back.

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Now whether this is specific to 16:10 or not, it certainly is becoming more and more of a problem with me when using Paint.NET since I have been cropping images and creating backgrounds. For a seasoned Paint.NET user, this may not be such an issue. However, I was left trying to guess what each of the buttons on the Tools menu did. So for a newer user of Paint.NET, this is definitely a problem.

Is this recognized as a bug?

Is there a bug report already filed?



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In the meantime, all the functions along the top can be found in the menus above, with permanent labels, and the tools can be found in the dropdown menu found to the left on the last row before the canvas, just here:


It may not be ideal, but whilst this is still problematic for you it may help.

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