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Problem With this tutorial for me

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I'm using this tutorial: viewtopic.php?f=15&t=21853

I've been coming up with this problem. It says to make the gradient transparent, but when that person used it transparent it showed.

Another problem is that my original picture would never show again because the one layer supposedly needs to be black.

Am I just doing something wrong or what?

Please help.

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actually these type of questions about a specific tut are added on the bottom of the tut for future ref. that way when someone else has a similar problem the answer is right there within the page following the tut.

but quick answere is check you did change the blend mode on the layers. notice additive is used.


don't be surprised if a mod closes this thread.


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Ok so go ask your question in the tutorial's thread. I'm not sure why you posted here, the author isn't necessarily going to be psychic and know you posted here.

Thread Closed

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