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Hepl adding Fonts.

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a few days a go i recieved a font on MSN messanger ist now in my documents.I followed the information given on the "ow to add new fonts turtoil" i cliked on i clicked on "send to" and then "compressed (zipped) folder" and i got this warning "for compressed (zipped)


ers to handle ZIP files correctly , the application associated with them must be compressed (zipped) folders. currently this is not the

do you want to designate compressed (zipped) folders as the application for handling zip files

yes no"

what do i do???

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Did you just get the blah.ttf file over msn

Or did they give it to you in a zip folder

well its a true type fon file and in my documents the icon is "TT"so is probably a".ttf file over msn"do you know what i should do??

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This belongs in Troubleshooting. Please remember to post in the correct section of the forum, and to heed the rules regarding things like bumping (don't reply 10 minutes later to your own thread just to get more attention to it, that's very rude).

Moved to Troubleshooting

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Alright, I don't know if I'm understanding what you're trying to do here.

To install a font, you don't need to compress it. If the fond you got over MSN was a .ttf file, the Windows Archive utility needn't be used - the file is already in usable format. Just drag-'n-drop it in C:\Windows\Fonts. The tutorial mentions the ZIP utility because most fonts available for download are in ZIPped archives so they can include a license along with the font.

Now, the error message you're getting makes it sound like you've installed a third-party archiving utility (such as WinRAR or 7z) which has been set as the default ZIP archiver. You tried to send it to the Windows ZIP utility, and the ZIP extension may be set to a different archiver.

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the icon is "TT"so is probably a".ttf file

Yes, it is.

do you know what i should do??

Go to Start > Config Panel.

there, open Fonts

Click File > Install a new Font...

Browse to where your font is located.

Click OK.


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