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Request- LOGO, needed, please help me

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Hi is there someone who could please do me a favour, i have to create a logo fo a computer company called Universal Computer Designs (UCD), is there someone who could please make me a really good logo for, (totally up to you how to do it), it needs to be big at least half a A4 page (or a little smaller), so if there is someone who can please help me out it would be most appreciative) :):mrgreen:

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Good things come to those who wait.

Bear in mind that most of the people on this forum are American, so are asleep at the moment.


Son, someday you will make a girl happy for a short period of time. Then she'll leave you & be with men that are ten times

better than you can imagine. These men are called musicians. :D

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When you say "logo", I think of a (relatively) simple graphic meant to convey something about the company and what it does.

There are LogoTypes (a simplification of a logo that can be used in a wide variety of media types, from embroidery to stone etching), Logos, Banners, Headers, Icons, and more, when you delve into the world of graphics that identify a company

With that said, a few questions:

1. What does the company do (build PCs, do case modding, design software, make flowerboxes, etc)?

2. Is there something particular that the company wants to use in the design (an animal, building, shape, color, etc)?

3. Is this a work-for-hire (if so, you might consider hiring a professional designer)?

4. How did you get stuck doing something that's giving you so much trouble?

The first two questions pertain to helping you come up with something suitable, and the second two pertain to the fact that you're asking this question here in the first place. Generally speaking, people will assume this is either homework, or an amazingly cheeky request for free work.

If it's the former, I'd be happy to help you learn more about designing stuff, and if its the latter, maybe you'll get lucky and someone will help if you explain your situation well enough.

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abbag, I suggest that you take a look at the rules, namely #23...

From Rules:

23) ADVERTISING and SOLICITING are strictly prohibited. This is NOT a place to find artists or developers, either for hire or for volunteer/free.

Based on your request, it sounds like this is something that you would benefit from monetarily. Asking someone to do your work for you is extremely rude...

On the other hand, asking for suggestions or help with a specific effect is perfectly acceptable. Try starting with that next time.


Take responsibility for your own intelligence. ;) -Rick Brewster

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abbag, No soliciting. It's not like we owe you anything just because you're desparate. Because you have blatantly broken the rules and also have an extremely disrespectful attitude, you are now banned from this forum.

Thread Closed

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