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need help, cant think of short summary for this question :/

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When I look at my LCD from below, the screen mostly just looks a little darker, so you could start by adjusting the brightness. You could try playing with the Hue / Saturation settings too.

I think you're just going to have to play with the Adjustments menu settings until the image looks how you want it to.

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heres the picture Im talking about

http://jonnyballs.deviantart.com/art/St ... a-34656418

she looks pale normally but when you lower your viewpoint she gets her natural skin color back

I've tried messing with a few settings already but I cant find anything that changes it that way. It might be a combination of a few slight adjustments.

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Play around with the Curves (in Adjustments menu). You'll want to turn up the red and turn down the blue, and you'll want green to go up in the beginning and down in the end, I believe. Someone can correct me on this.


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Alrighty, try this one:

First, get pyro's Curves + plugin.

Second, download this Curves file (XML). (Right-click - Save As)

Open Curves+ (in Adjustments menu) and right click on the top label. Select "Load" and open the XML file. The curves will be loaded and the effect will be shown on the image.

Is that kinda what you're looking for? You can play around with the Curves yourself to get it exact, but that gets it pretty close to real skin-ish tones.

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