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  1. If you look in the "Effects" menu, under "Photo" there is a "Red Eye Removal" effect.
  2. It sounds to me like you need an administrator password to delete things on your computer. Am I right in assuming you're trying to delete the drop shadow .dll? Paint.net itself has no password requirements.
  3. Re: the checkered background: The checkered backgorund indicates a transparent area. If you put the pint image in a new layer over a background, the background will show through wherever the checkered area was.
  4. Maybe the various contest threads (sig of the week, monthly skinning, etc.) should also be put in the new pictorium?
  5. The downside of the Conditional Hue/Sat UI is that you can't select shades (black/white/gray). For that reason I prefer the current UI. Great plugin.
  6. What you need to do is go through the tutorials section and find some tutorials for what you need to do. Even if you can't find a tutorial that does exactly what you want, you can almost always find one that you can adapt a little bit it get the result you're looking for. Here are some tutorials that you might be interested in: This one will show you how to make a glossy surface various chrome tutorials
  7. Me too. I like being able to scroll through the pages of images instead of having to go through multiple threads. Oh well. For the individual user threads, it would be nice if it could show them with the most recent post first. Otherwise whenever someone goes to a users thread, we'll always see their oldest stuff first and may never make it to see the newer (and better) work lower in the thread.
  8. The setting in the layer properties is called Opacity. Less opacity = more transparency
  9. Turn it upside down and you have an awesome icicle. A simple Halloween sig. I'm not entirely happy with the eyes - I want them to be more, well, "creepy" and maybe a little more subtle. Does anyone have any suggestions?
  10. Ctrl-Y is re-do. This is standard for some windows programs.
  11. I took a look at some of your photos Domesticfix. Wow, they're fantastic.
  12. I don't know about a tutorial, but to make it easy there's a plugin to add water to your image. http://paintdotnet.forumer.com/viewtopic.php?f=16&t=2911 Just install this plugin (see the top of the plugin forum for instructions) and use it to quickly add reflected water and ripples to your picture.
  13. And if you want to rotate the selection, just select the Move Selection tool (after you have a selection), then RIGHT-click and drag the mouse. This will let you free rotate it.
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