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My fonts are messed up!


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I am trying to add a layer with text and when I pick the font I want and type it out, it is blurry and unreadable. I obviously have something set wrong. The background is transparent and the font color is a dark blue. It does it with any font that I use. Any suggestions would be appreciated. :|

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Small request, could you reword your topic title so as to say how your fonts are messed up, 'messed up' could mean anything. Thanks a lot fhem45 :D.

This is from the Help Documents (accessible from pressing F1 in Paint.NET):

Toolbar Text Controls help page[/url]":10caa]Toolbar_Text-1.png


The two rendering methods are "Smooth" and "Sharp." The Smooth rendering method is optimized for medium to large text. At small text sizes it may look fuzzy or blurry, although this will depend on the font being used. The Sharp rendering method is well suited for sharp text at smaller text sizes; at larger text sizes it may not appear very smooth. It is also ideal for doing user interface mockups as it uses the same rendering code that Windows uses for displaying user interface text. If antialiasing is disabled (via the Rasterization options), then it does not matter whether Smooth or Sharp is selected.

Image from my Photobucket account so not to give false viewing statistics for the help documents - the amount of people who will view this topic might make the help files look more popular than they actually are.

Does this help?

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If I zoom in on the word, it shows like a shadow behind the word. Does it have something to do with the secondary color. Thanks for your help.

No, that would be something to do with your font if it has a shadow or it uses the secondary colour to create a shadow, but I've never seen a font do that. It could also be strange goings-on with your monitor. Whatever the reason it is not related to Paint.NET.

Does that answer your query?

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As a follow-up to Myrddin's post: You could try adding a white layer beneath your text layer, so your font will have a better surface to contrast against. That might solve your ghosting problem :-)


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