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File > New = PdN frozen?


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Well I open up PdN, as normal, and make a picture. Okay, so I don't like that picture.

I click File > New and my cursor goes into full thinking mode. Okay, no prob. But it stays like that forever and basically freezes PdN :? And I have to shut the thing down through task manager :roll: (and then the 'End Now' windows come up, and then the 'Send Error Report' window comes up, etc... you know the drill).

Any light on this? :?

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And you're using pdn 3.10 im assuming.

Computer specs maybe? We might be able to see a problem there.

Well it just started happening today, any other time it works fine.

My specs...

P4 CPU, 2.8GHz stock

512MB PC2700 RAM

ATi X1300

and PdN v3.10 :mrgreen:

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