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Kodak PCD

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You may have to correct me on this as I haven't had experience with such CD's, but can't you insert the CD into your computer and copy the pictures across to a local file like My Pictures? If you can, and once copied across, you can simple go to File > Open or Layers > Import From File in Paint.NET. The Open command will open the picture on a new canvas and Import will insert the chosen picture on a new layer above all others on the same canvas.

We could do with more information (unless somebody knows exactly what to do with such CD's) but in the meantime does this help?

EDIT: does your Kodak come with any uploading software which could be used in this instance? You could try their website for any software and then once uploaded use the above methods to eventually edit them in Paint.NET.

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Thanks for the response. should have made myself clearer...its more the format of the files. I can browse the CDs and find the files ending in .PCD, but they don't even show up as thumbnails in Vista.

Must admit not had a good look on the net, was hoping paint.net would be able to open them, I am sure Paintshop pro used to but don't have that at the moment

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This will tell you what *.PCD is.

Looks like XnView or IrfanView can open this file type.

I don't think Paint.NET can open them, But you can always use a program able to open and convert them,

then open with PDN.




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