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Conditional Hue/Saturation

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This post refers to the Conditional Hue/Saturation plugin. Please be familiar with this plugin before replying, thank you.

I need the plugin to do what it does, but through a different way. Here's my example.

In this image, i wanted the blue armor (legs) to match the red armor (boots). However this is the best I could do using this plugin.

example1.png -> example2.png

I was wondering if someone could make it possible to do the following:

Effecting the primary color and any pixels that fall into its tolerance range to change hue and saturation in the same way so that the primary color changes to the secondary color. For example,

example1.png -- example3.png

You choose the primary and secondary colors as shown in that picture. Then, when using this effect, the 3C4250 would change to 5B1109. Also, colors within the tolerance (that would be all of the blue) would change to colors close to the red.

I had a hard time putting what I mean into words, so I hope you get what I mean. >_>

Thanks for the help ahead of time. ^^

PS: This forum does not always work for me so if I do not reply it is because I can't. :\

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