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How do i make my eyes like white eye contacts?

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I'm trying to change my eye color for a photo i've taken and this is the first time i've used a program by paint.net..I was wondering how i can change my eye color so it could look like i'm wearing white eye contacts is that possible and if so could you guide me to the directions to do it? thanks so much


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T hats what i did at first but his eyes aren't perfect circles so i used lasso and zoomed in

To do this:

Zoom in on one eye

Select the lasso tool :LassoTool:

Hold the left mouse button and go around the perimeter of what U want White

reposition your camera on the other eye

Hold Ctrl and Go around the perimeter of this eye

Add a new layer :AddNewLayer:

Switch your primary color to white

Change to the fill tool :PaintBucketTool:

Hold shift and fill in one of your selections, it should also fill the other

Select the top layer and go to properties :Properties:

Change the opacity to whatever looks good, Press OK

Go to effects>Blurs>feather

Feather it with a amount of 10 on shrink, or change to whatever looks good.

Find the feather plugin HERE

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