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Change submenu of plugins?

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I hope this is the right place for my question...

...I'm from Germany - so I use the german language in paint.net

But this causes problems in my effect menu.

For example:

There is a "Blur Menu" and a "Unschärfe Menu" (blur in german)

Same with distort.

Some plugins (like water) are in the "right" menu. Others create a new submenu.

So my question is:

Is it possible to change the place of the plugins?

THX for response.

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Some sort of effect managing would be handy. Now I have just a screen full of effects where I can't scroll trough - I have to click on those tiny arrows - which leads to a lot of frustration. It would also solve Ethen's problem...

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Take a look at the Popular Feature Requests thread. This has been mentioned before, and Rick's planning it for a future release in the 3.x time frame.

Moved to Q&GD

Closed. Since this has already been discussed and is a planned feature, no further discussion is required.

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As an addendum: In 3.10 there is a new class that provides access to the Effect submenu names. This way a plugin can refer to SubmenuNames.Blurs (or whatever, I forget exactly) instead of defining their own "Blurs" string. This way they will be placed into the appropriate, localized submenu name.

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