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Helping out - I`ve done brush-like painting

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It's been a long discussion, ever since was created to present days, that there are no brushes. We all know Rick intends do apply bruhses in the new Paint.NET 4.0, but until there... I found a really nice way of making brush like drawings. It's still not a tutorial as I had no saved images - I can make one whenever someone thinks it would be good. But I can say this - use the Brsuh Tool with different transparencys. It will work like a real brush in a canvas. So, with it, you don't need to do something like this...


(even though it's my own xD)

... but something quicker and more artistic, like this:


Just PM me if someone wnats a tut... this post was just for making people think.



I love Anime Art!

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