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help with 3d plugin

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Been using Paint.net for awhile but feel embarrassed to say despite going thru' MKT's website, I really still don't know how to place a picture on one of the sides.

Wonder if it's because my shape3D plugin is the older version. Went to the website, downloaded it several times from the download link on the left column but still don't see any options to position pictures to the sides of a box. Having version

Guess I'm one of the few who probably needs a step by step tutorial! Could a kind soul (Ash?!) be a good Samaritan?

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Hi Ash,

Thanks for thinking about doing a tutorial.

I've been trying it out in this way with some success:

1. Create a box using a 600x600 background (or other desired size)

2. Using a new layer with a picture of the same size, I now create an identical box with only one side specified e.g. top

3. Then creating another new layer with another picture of the same size, I now specify the new side of the box that I want the picture to be on.

4. Steps 2 & 3 are repeated as necessary to create all the different sides with different pictures as desired.

5. I delete the background

6. Flatten the image

7. The box appears with different pictures on different specified sides.

Question: Is this how you do it with this plugin? The method I described is the only solution that I can think of!

Only snag is that I've got to resize the images to the same size as the original background so that the shape3D plugin will create identical-sized box sides that will flatten correctly.

Wonder if there's an easier way?!!

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