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Torn Paper Effect?

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Hi!! I was wondering if anyone knows how to make the edges of an object look as though they are torn. For example, if I had a white square, how would I make it appear as though it was a torn sheet of paper?

Also, is there any way to make the corners of an object "curl up"? (Again, as if it ias a sheet of paper...)

Thanks in advance for your help!!



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do you mean like in scrapbooking ?

this is a real quick one two mins top. you should do more carefully. but these are the steps I use.


open new image

make a new layer and paint bucket with the color you want.

lasso out the portion along the edge and cut with sissors.

still on your colored portion use the :MagicWandTool: on the white area

use dents effects and stretch them out

delete the background layer of white and you have your paper

don't forget to drop shadow next (I didn't do in above)

you'll have to play around a bit here until you get the desired effect but it looks a bit like mulberry paper edges.

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Hmmm, I never even thought to use my own plugin to make paper edges... *bangs head on wall*


I hope it works, I need to do this very chore right now.


After trying:

Neither of the options listed provide what looks like the look of torn paper to me. As always, I could be using the techniques incorrectly.

I may not be "the best," but I'm PRETTY DARN GOOD!

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