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Making pictures tile?

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How can I make it so pictures tile, such as textures for video games? I've tried searching, and I downloaded BoltBait's SeamlessHelper, but I still couldn't get it to work.

I am new at Paint.net, and I never used any other graphic program before. Any tips would be great. Here is the picture I want to tile...


When ever I use the program, it leaves me with spaces that I do not know how to fill...


And just in case, here is what I'm trying to follow.


Maybe this is too advanced for a beginer like me?

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Seamless helper will only do what you want if the canvas is exactly the size of the image that you want to tile.

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I have a solution that will work for this particular texture, as it is a horizontal pattern. Try this...

1. Take the image (512x512) make sure there is no white border, that the texture fills the entire canvas.

2. Select one entire half of the image (left or right, it doesn't really matter) using the rectangle select tool. The area should be 256x512.

3. Delete this section

4. [CTRL+SHIFT+D] to duplicate the layer

5. On the top layer select LAYER > Flip Horizontal

6. [CTRL+SHIFT+F] to flatten.

7. Now, select either the entire top, or bottom, half and delete it.

8. [CTRL+SHIFT+D] to duplicate the layer

9. On the top layer select LAYER > Flip Vertical

10. [CTRL+SHIFT+F] to flatten.

You should now have a tileable image.

This method should do the trick, but has essentially reduced your 512 image by 1/4 with it flipped and repeated.

Seamless Helper

If you want to use the seamless helper plugin for something like this, start with an image that has NO white border. After applying Seamless Helper you will see the seam running vertically down the middle (and across depending on the texture). You should use combinations of cut/paste, blends, clone stamp to best hide this seam (make sure to not touch the 1-2px at the extreme edge of the image, as these are the parts that match when tiled).

Hope this helps.



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cjmcguinness~ Thank you. I did that, and it worked well, except it looks alittle repetive.

I found a tutorial that I losely followed to make the texture tile nicely. Try this:


You may also need this:

http://paintdotnet.12.forumer.com/viewt ... ight=clone

Using those tutorials, I managed to come up with this:


Thanks for all of you who helped, though. :wink:

(sorry if this technique is old, again I'm new at this so it's new to me)

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