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Transparent BMP Backgrounds not saving... Help please!

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P.N 305 & 307, WinXP SP2, Cannot seem to get the transparent backgrounds to save in BMP files... Please help!

I have a small BMP that has transparency, i have created two more similar in P.N, but when i save the two new ones i get no transparency, when i load the first one and then just save it again it also has no transparency... what's up?

I have the EdHarvey & Icon add-Ins, i updated to 307 to see if the issue still exists and it does. =(

Please let me know, cheers! =)

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Well, as I said (and I did some research this time :)), BMP files do not have native support for transparency.

There are several hacks people have developed outlined here:

http://msdn.microsoft.com/archive/defau ... ansblt.asp

Try Googling BMP Transparency for more.

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Dan, there is a way in which an alpha channel can be stored in a seperate file, also PS and Flash now support a 32-bit version with integrated alpha channel.

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@CMD: It looks like two issues to me, one is that Paint.net does not support transparent bitmaps; and two paint.net changes bitmaps by saving them.

The article is from the MS Windows 3.1 days, but it shows good info for programmers.

I did some looking into issue #2 and it appears the Paint.Net automatically saves my 256 color bitmaps to 24bit color and that is corrupting the display of my 256 color bitmaps.

However, MS Paint does this too if you save my 256 bitmaps into 24bit bitmaps, but it know not to do that.

I do not know why Paint.Net programmers do not give us the options of color depth for saving bitmaps like MS Paint does, maybe someday. ;)

Regarding the article, i will look into how my bitmaps are transparent, because they are transparent and i need to make more somehow.


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What program are you using the transparent Bitmaps in?

If you are dealing with 256 color .bmp's then the program you are viewing them in probably has something that converts a certain color to transparent for its own purposes...

What happens when you view these images with a browser(IE,Firefox), or build them into a webpage where you would need to see the Bg around/behind them? Is the transparency retained?


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