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I Need Signature Help!

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Ok, I need to know how to make my signature work the way I meant it to be. As you can see, it has a gradient going up the middle. The gradient goes above and below the accual "picture" in my sig. Well in PDN, I left the top and bottom transparent so it was like the gradient was going out of the picture. But now my sig shows a little grey above and below the picture part of it.

Sorry if this is confusing, but the main question is: How can I make the tops and bottom of my sig truly transparent, so the only thing that is above and below the picture is the gradient?

If this is too confusing just tell me specific details you need to know and I'll tell you.

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Hmm, yes it is a bit confusing, but I think I know what the problem is. Try to select the grey parts you dont want with rectangle select, and delete the selection, it should make it transparent like the rest.

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Also remember to save it as a .PNG .jpeg's don't allow transparent backgrounds.


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you mean like so?


When I opened it in PDN, I noticed that it was already transparent, but it wasn't completely transparent (the alpha was above 0) so I just used an alpha curve to decrease the alpha value.


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