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  1. In Photobucket, copy the 2nd URL, it should be called "URL Link" not "Share URL". Hope that helps!
  2. http://paintdotnet.12.forumer.com/viewtopic.php?t=1072 It's in Questions & General Discussion.
  3. Wow, Ash that looks great! I would recommend that you add a little more blur to the reflection, it is just little too much frosted glass.
  4. 9/10 for the sig that doesnt have the red eyes on the shark... and 8/10 for your current one.
  5. 8/10 looks nice, the text could use a little feathering. I've made another signature: Should I use the new one, or keep my current one?
  6. FunFact 2: I also like to play videogames, I mostly play on the computer and my psp.
  7. 6/10 current avatar and 7.5/10 new avatar, its simple and nice!
  8. FunFact 1: Someone2016 just created a funfact thread today!
  9. Yes! Shape3D, it's becoming one of my favorite plugins!
  10. 8/10, seems like everyone is copying the same avatar and signature, just with different colors...
  11. Edit: Pyrochild, we posted at same time!
  12. Ahh, 2 different opinions, cant choose! Need more opinions! Hmm, a tough decision...
  13. I just finished making a new sig: I might replace it with the current one I have. Any opinions?
  14. I can't believe you havent changed your sig in months!
  15. Yeah, I did Brightness/Contrast, I also added some glow, the portrait effect, gaussain blur, and surface blur and got this:
  16. Nice, looks real realistic, its just missing something...
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