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extract cheese from pie chart - magic wand

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I'm trying to extract one of the cheeses from the following chart but am finding it impossible.

When I select the yellow area with the magic wand, it also selects the whole grren area.

The lasso is tricky to use.

Any other ideas on how I can approach this?



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I wound use the star plugin for that.

Add a new layer and run the star:


ext.rad: to the max

drawing opt: rays from the center.


Then press M to place correctly the center of the star on the center of your pie (you could move it a bit more of 1-2 px to include the separations lines).

Be sure to close the 'cheese' by a line. With the magic wand, select in the 'cheese', go to the layer with the chart, Ctrl+C, add a new layer, Ctrl+V.

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Lasso tip:

When you start the lasso selection you're drawing by hand. When you stop, the selection is closed by a straight line from the stop to the start points.

For this kind of selection (cheese) with the lasso, I start from the center and draw (badly) in the middle of the cheese to obtain the straight line on one radius. And with Ctrl pressed I redo the selection for the other radius...(I'm not sure to be clear!)

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