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Looking for code design documents or other material


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I am a developper using Paint.net as a learning project for .net programming.

Since it was born as an education project I wondered if:

- there are some specs available for UI design ?

- there is some design document objects like the singleinstancemanager, the message passing mechanism, the MDI interface implementation ?

I'd be very happy to read mailing list archives, courses, or anything that can help me getting the "big picture" of such an amazing piece of software.



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Why start with such a huge project to learn .net programming?

There must be better (smaller) programs you could use.

Many areas of Paint.NET are optimized for speed... which makes them hard to understand.

And, I'm not sure Rick knows how to insert comments into his code... :D

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I have experience in developping .net applications, but I am in the process of building an entreprise-class app (40+ users, having offline functions). I picked up paint.net one month ago and started looking at the code.

For example, building a systemlayer project that gathers I/O API call etc... is something interesting.

Another thing I learnt from your code is how to architecture correctly the application startup, especially what to put in Main, in the main window constructor, in the main windows OnLoad event.

But I have some trouble understanding the singleinstancemanager for example, or the Undo function (Mementos...).

If you could point me to (even out-of-date) design documents, lecture slides, or other materials (mailing list archives?) that would be an inspiration for me.



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