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[Suggestion / query] Layers subwindow thumbnails, extremely small - enlarge? [Update: same with colors selection box]

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9 hours ago, Imaxinar DM said:

@Ego Eram Reputo: I already name my layers - and the POINT of my message is the Thumbnail size


@Rick Brewster: Thank you for the suggestion but screen resolution has NEVER fixed this problem, believe me I have tried ..


This has been an GUI issue since 2015 - 6 years.  This cannot be that hard.. Please enlarge them, or offer a scaling factor for them.  Even the scaling of the image vs the Transparent checkerboard is wacked.


I wasn't asking you to change your screen resolution, I just wanted to know what it was to better understand the issue.


Anyway if you're going to be combative and telling me how "easy" it is, I'm just going to close this thread. Especially since this thread is 6 years old.

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