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Need to know how to paste this

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What file type are the images? Also try the Import From File function under the Layers tab.

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layers shouldnt be confusing... if you take 3 sheets of paper and stack them ontop of each other then put one to the right one left and one straight up you have 3 layers... I dont know if this is a good example but making a collage on a computer is just like actually making one... think of a layer as a few pictures or just one...

nvm that it makes no sense.


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if you goto layers>import layer you can import the other pic as a new layer. if you start with a blank background that is rather large and import all the pics as new layers you can rotate each picture and move them around to make the collage. then edit which layers are on top in the layer window to make the ones you want to show on top of the other pics. i think that would work for ya

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