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  1. i read through that, but it wont work. when i cut the background out, the game fills it black. if you read the tut in the link i provided it shows you need to edit the alpha channel. then save it as a tga file, then rename to a bmp. then the background wont show in game. so i think i basiclly need a way to edit the alpha channel of pic. what im tring to make is something that looks like a "kick me" sign. it will end up showing on the capes of the characters in my clan. if i can edit the alpha, it will have no background so it will look more like just a piece of paper instead of a pic. i could also use some help designing that part of it. the final pic needs to be sized down to a 32x32 image. when i start making one, then size t down, you cant read the text. it blurs it to much. any ideas on that part? i used this pic, , and cut out the sign, then sized it down, but txt is very bad. if i could make the image, i can find someone who can change the alpha for me, if i cant do it in PDN. thanks for any help/suggestions!!
  2. better? not sure how else to explain it, and its kinda hard not to use the word help in it. EDIT: i think this might be what i need but i dont understand how to use it. viewtopic.php?f=16&t=2178
  3. im tring to make a symbol for my game clan, but i need some help. the link i post at the bottom has instructions for making the sybol background transparent. however the tut is for photoshop. i, obviously, use i was wondering if anyone could tell me if there is a way to do the same with if there is any chance you could explain it, in the simplest way u could. im going to try and work my way through it, but not sure if i understand it. thanks for any of your help ... pic=152724
  4. i play a mmorpg called knight online world. When you have a clan, and reach a certain clan grade you can get capes, sybols for your capes, and you can put your sybol next to your names. im tring to come up with =an idea for a new sybol. the problem is that the sybol can only be 15x15. its kinda hard to make something like that. here is a screen shot of my char in game. you can see the clan name, and the sybol. if you have ideas for me pls post, or if you can give me tips on how to make one that small. (the sybol im tring to change is the red one, not the green. the green one represents somthing else)
  5. i think i just duplicate the layer three times, fill one white, one red, one orange and one yellow, then zoom them at dif % and finally merge them and dent them. thanks again!!
  6. You know i didnt eeven look at the built in ones. Lasty i remember i had to install those ones. That helps a ton! the tut for the fire was something like, an easy way to make fire text or something. i think you made a black white red orange and yellow layers of your image. then zoom blurred each one except the black one at different lvls. then merged the colored layers and dented it. i think i can figure it out if i mess with it. thank you very much for the reply. Everyone on here is always so helpfull everytime i come back to the forum!!
  7. i hate to do this, but i cant find it on my own. i just started up with again and need some plugins. i cant seem to find the tuts i used to make some things that had the links to the plugins in them. i need the dent plugin, cloud plugin, and the plugin to make this thing, i used a zoom blur in that too. i also made this one using a plugin, not sure what it was called either the tut im loking for was to use dents to make fire, i made this following that, and i would like to find it again again, sry, but i cant seem to find it so if anyone can give me some help, thanx a ton!! and the link in rules that says, popular features or something cannot be displayed
  8. if you goto layers>import layer you can import the other pic as a new layer. if you start with a blank background that is rather large and import all the pics as new layers you can rotate each picture and move them around to make the collage. then edit which layers are on top in the layer window to make the ones you want to show on top of the other pics. i think that would work for ya
  9. this might be what ya need, maybe.... oh, and wrong forum, post questions in the question forum.
  10. you love 300, great movie, can i get a rate on this one?
  11. is it just text based?
  12. first attempt at a wallpaper, kinda tried a CMD thing. ... hazard.png
  13. thought it was going to be knights online
  14. try making it as a gif, see if it looks "right" then. my pngs show white backgrounds where it should be transparent, i think its cause of IE. GIF's show transparent though