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Why Not "White List" 4.06 & Various Plugins.

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With the latest version of Paint.Net, as well as various plugins, Norton goes nutters and says many are threats. Upon, yet, another plugin unzipping, before bothering to install it, Norton says it's an insight network threat.


Yes, Norton can be over zealous, but since Norton is gung-ho to go full commando with so much related to Paint.Net and various plugins, why not have the latest versions and various plugins submitted to be "White Listed", so there is no question. True, I only found links to the forms and White List submission area of Symantic (Norton): http://www.symantec.com/connect/forums/norton-av-false-warnings


I see how "it appears" that others are doing that and I was just wondering if that was practical or not?


I was thinking it may help stop a lot of concerns and confusion since these issues have come up repeatedly on the forum? Any thoughts other than just ignore Norton? It's a great software and so many great added features that I would think would have already been registered on Symantic's "White List"? Would that solve some issues without being unrealistic or a pain?


Just a thought.

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The problem with Norton (one of many - I recommend you get a better AV program :) ) is that it's a moving target of sorts.  They're always changing rules, trying to stay in front of malicious programmers.  Since Paint.NET plugins are user-created, trying to whitelist all of them would be a task left to the developer and put additional barriers to developing plugins.


So "ignore Norton" is really the only viable option.  Make sure you're always downloading plugins from this forum and you (hopefully) won't have to worry about any viruses hitching a ride with your plugins.


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Norton antivirus is scareware. I recommend uninstalling it and using something else. They're capitalizing on their name and on people's emotions nowadays.


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