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using paintbrush and pencil

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I can't get paintbrush and pencil to work I select a colour on the colour wheel and the hold down Ctrl and move the cursor and absolutely nothing happens. I did it successfully at my first attempt last week and don't think I'm doing anything different. Your forum suggests resetting tools but I can't see how to do this the place suggested for doing it seems not to  exist. - there's nothing between file/edit and Tool.


John Presland

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Are you sure you are on the paint brush tool :PaintBrushTool: and not on the magic wand by chance ?  Also, no need to hold down the Ctrl to paint.


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You probably read a thread suggesting help for an older version of paint.net. In paint.net 4.0 you can reset the tools by clicking paint.net's settings icon :Settings: in the upper right corner of the program, and then when in the settings dialog box click "tools", and then look for the "reset" button. Here is paint.net's documentation.


Also, be sure you don't accidentally have an active selection on, de-select (ctrl + d) to remove any selections you might have. If you have a selection and want it to remain, then be sure to draw inside of the selection.

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