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system.accessviolationexception - windows 8

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Hello, I have been using paint.net for a fairly long time, and recently got a new computer. Unfortunately, after installing it, running it only gives me a system.accessviolationexception error. I have attached a screenshot of the full error to this post. 


I have tried installing it to a different directory, and running both the installer, and the launcher as administrator, and I have tried running it in compatibility mode for Windows Vista service pack 2, since that was the OS I had on my old computer. However, none of these have resulted in any change. 


What else might I be able to try to get paint.net to run properly?


Edit: the attachment seems not to have applied, so here is a link to the screenshot instead: http://i.imgur.com/HmFXvvF.png

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Just finished installing all the windows updates. It still gave the same error when I tried to launch it. I tried re-installing it, and instead of installing this time it gave me an error 1603, fatal error during installation. The folder created when it attempts to install contains the staging folder, with the file PaintDotNet_x64_492935166 and nothing else. 

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Okay, I used the command prompt fix, which lead to an "The specified user already exists" error when I tried to run the new MSI installer. Found a fix to that with the windows fix-it tool. It re-installed without error this time, but then launching it gives me the first error again.

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