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Newbie questions about auto level and sharpen

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I just downloaded and installed paint.net and I'm trying to find my way around it.


2 questions:


1. Can the Auto-level adjustment be customized?

2. Is there a "Sharpen" adjustment somewhere that I haven't found?


Thanks a lot,



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Sharpening can be done by Effects>Photo>Sharpen. There are also several sharpening plugins you can install if the built-in Sharpen is insufficient.


(You should try to use more descriptive titles. Perhaps for this, something like, "Newbie questions: Auto-adjust and sharpen". Otherwise, we'll end up with countless threads with essentially the same title.)

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The auto level settings can not be modified.  Thus the name "auto", as in automatic (without user intervention).


If you want to have better control over photo adjustments, install my plugin pack:


Hope this helps.

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