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Shattering Glass?

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Hey guys,

So, I'm still pretty new to graphic design, and at the moment the picture I'm working on is a silhouette of a raindrop falling with a grey background, and as it hits the ground, I am trying to make it look like the drop is shattering like glass. So far I have a the drop hitting the ground with cracks and all, but now I have no idea how I could make little fragments coming out of it, I have tried using the lasso select tool to shape the pieces, but it doesn't look too realistic. Anyone got any other suggestions?

I attached the picture to this post in case anyone wanted to get a better idea of what I'm looking for. Any constructive criticism welcome!


Thanks in advance!


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These brushes might interest you : http://www.brusheezy.com/brushes/48282-shattered-glass-brushes


But you will need photoshop file type plugins to use them in paint.net.







(don't know how to install plugins? See here. For file type plugins put them in the "file type" folder instead of the "effects" folder.)

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Thanks for the replies.

I did see that tutorial on the glass, but that's not really what I'm trying to do.


I'll try these plugins when I have time


Thanks again


EDIT: Ok, tried to use the glass brushes, but I dont think I installed it right. I got the program from that last link (Do I need to get all 3 of them?) and I put that plugin in FileTypes folder. I then also tried it in effects.I put the glass brush plugin in effects. The brush came in a .abr file format. What did I do wrong?

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Ok, the brushes are just pictures in an abr format, which is a photoshop format. You can put the brushes in any folder you want. However, in order to use some photshop pictures in paint.net, you need to install the right photoshop file type format plugins. In this case you need the ABR file type plugin, I think it's my first link to you. I gave you the other photoshop file type plugins in case you find other brushes you like that might be in other photoshop formats.
Follow the install plugins tutorial for the file type plugins, but instead of putting the file type plugins in the effects folder, you put them in the file type folder. After you have the file type plugins installed, you can download any brushes you want and put them anywhere on your PC, as if they were just pictures from the internet. Then open them in paint.net like you would any other picture.
If you get a brush set, each brush will be on it's own layer. You will need to turn layers on and off to see them individually. The brushes might also be black. Simply invert their color to make them white. (Menu bar > adjustments > invert colors). You don't need to make all of them white, as they are easier to see and choose from while they are black. I normally find the ones I want, and then I invert only those ones.
If you don't like the brushes in a set or want them turned into a png format (a normal format, not a photoshop format), you can use this software.
Load the brushes into the software and then export them, see the software's own website for more detail on how to use it. If you get stuck though, feel free to still ask for help. :)

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