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Help please! 'Acquire' doesn't work with my Canon Lide

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This a new-ish scanner that works fine in my Windows XP system and is recognised by OpenOffice and MS Document Imaging etc. But the Paint.net acquire menu is greyed out. I checked the usual causes of this problem through the FAQ's and none apply. It looks as if someone else had this problem in the past but never got an answer on the Forum, so maybe I will get lucky this time! Any help gratefully received.


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Does your scanner have a power plug or is all power coming from the USB cable ?

Are the drivers up to date ?

Is Paint.NET up to date ?

What kind of scanner is it ?

When using it in other programs does the program have to look for it before you can use it or does it just show up as soon as you go to the tap ?

Does the scanner show up in the Scanners and Cameras folder in Control Panel ?

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The scanner does show up in the Control Panel.

Maybe you have a CD with a "Windows Image Acquisition" (WIA) Driver shipped with it.

If not:

Why can't I scan or print?


Second, if you can't scan, then maybe your scanner doesn't support WIA. You can check to see if you scanner supports WIA by verifying that it shows up in the "Scanners and Cameras" control panel. Some scanners or cameras require that special software or drivers be installed before they work with WIA.

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If it shows up in the Scanners and Cameras folder in Control Panel then that good as Paint.NET should see it. However if it getting power from the USB cable that could make a problem. Thing I see with USB stuff (Even happens to my Ipod) is that it don't talk back to the computer for some programs. Hard to get this down but I well try to do it.

Scanner with USB power

Program - Scan image

Scanner (Trys to wake up) - huh did someone say something I never got that power and data feed just then.

Scanner with Plug

Program - Scan image

Scanner (Full a wake and can't sleep because of 120 V of power it getting at 1000%) - You got it program.

That why I like things that need a power plug nand not the same line as it needs to send data on. USB is weak power.

So some were on that line the scanner is not talking to the program.

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