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Crop Tool

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->Ellipse select, figure out the radius of the ellipse you need and then...

->Crop to Selection

This will be in an ellipse, (though you'll have the box on the outside) and you can open and save as a file, or use as a layer.

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If you use v2.5 you an also use the Move Selection tool (2nd row, 2nd column) to move the selection around until it encompasses the exact pixels you are interested in. This way you can first determine the size and shape of what you want to crop, and then you can position it, then you can crop it as S0S detailed.

The Paint.NET Blog: https://blog.getpaint.net/

Donations are always appreciated! https://www.getpaint.net/donate.html


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I to would very much like a Crop Circle Tool. I use a well know package at work that does it but I can not afford it for home use. Paint.NET does every thing I need apart from this one function. Is there any chance you could add this function in the future? Oh there is one more thing. You have a ADD Noise function could you add a Remove Nosie function also? I have not seen one in Paint.NET but then I am new to the package. BTW this is an amazing art package please keep up the great work on it :)

Kind Regards


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The Crop tool in Paint.net is "Crop To Selection". In Paint.net, you can select a circle, and thus you can crop to a selected circle. To select a circle with the Ellipse Select tool, hold down the Shift key while selecting. To crop this circle, us the "Crop To Selection" button or find it in the Image menu.

Making a program remove noise automatically is complicated...you can do it by hand, however, through careful use of the Magic Wand, the Clone tool, and possibly the Gaussian blur. You could try the Curves adjustment as well...

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I have another question concerning the Crop tool. I was trying to follow along with a tutorial, so I had a square with 2 layers. On one layer, it told me to select the whole square, then to select a slightly smaller circle inside the square. I got those two things done, but then it said to use the crop tool, so it would remove everything except the circle. Well, no matter what I did, it kept deleting the circle instead of the outer edges of the square.

At the time, both the outer square and circle were Selected (they had the flashy dashed line).

I did read the Help section, but it really didn't hit quite on that problem.

Thanks for any suggestions!

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Perhaps you were on the wrong layer? Try cropping while you have the other layer selected.

Or...try pressing Ctrl+I before cropping. This inverts the selection. Maybe what you had selected was the opposite of what you wanted to have selected.

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