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  1. Since it's being discussed a bit here, I hope it's ok to ask you about it. :-) I need help downloading Gimp, if anyone wouldn't mind! I see on it's site that it requires a compiler, but I'm clueless as to what that is or how it works. So, if anyone knows where to get the pre-compiled version, please let me know! Thanks ever so much!
  2. Hello! I am new to paint type programs, but am really wanting to learn to create country/primative graphics to use on websets, templates, auctions, etc. I would really appreciate a mentor or links to tutorial sites that are based on Paint.net. Thanks so so much!!
  3. I have another question concerning the Crop tool. I was trying to follow along with a tutorial, so I had a square with 2 layers. On one layer, it told me to select the whole square, then to select a slightly smaller circle inside the square. I got those two things done, but then it said to use the crop tool, so it would remove everything except the circle. Well, no matter what I did, it kept deleting the circle instead of the outer edges of the square. At the time, both the outer square and circle were Selected (they had the flashy dashed line). I did read the Help section, but it really didn't hit quite on that problem. Thanks for any suggestions!
  4. Hi! Just a quick post, so I'll get notice if you post to here after creating the "novice tutes"! I'm interested in creating "country" style graphics for websets or templates. Does Paint.net have work very much like any of the big name programs? If so, I could use tutes meant for that program, too! Thanks!
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