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Aero Peek doesn't show rulers or pixel grid

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When using Aero Peek (Win7) and "Show image previes in taskbar" is enabled in Paint.NET,

the rulers and pixel grid aren't displayed in the preview window when moving the mouse over the taskbar-preview image.


Before mouse-over:



When doing the mouse-over:


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Not that I use aero peek, but I'm not sure I could consider this a bug. What's shown in a thumbnail is kind of a creative decision, so you can best identify which window is doing what. Showing an actual screenshot of the window is designwise kind of lazy and theres no obligation to faithfully do that. In fact, that's one reason I don't use the new alt+tab. The thumbnails are generally useless to me: window A with tiny scribbles, window B with tiny scribbles, window C with tiny scribbles.

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